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Onsite Professional Development

Harkins Audit Software, Inc. offers onsite professional development seminars at the customer location for iSeries corporate programmers and for programming managers.

The seminars are half-day (two half-day seminars minimum), full day, or multiple days, as desired by the customer, and are offered at $1000 per day plus travel and living expenses.

All onsite professional development seminar leaders are experienced corporate RPG and/or COBOL programmers, and all have corporate programming management experience.

Seminar topics are customized from among the following suggested topics of potential interest and value, as well as additional topics specified by the customer.

Onsite Professional Development Seminar suggested topics include:

•    How "A Billion times faster processing" dramatically changes your company and your programming career.
•    How to make your source programs much smarter and easier for all to understand and maintain
•    How and why productivity tools are crucial to your success, and how to use them most effectively
•    How to see inside the computer as your programs and data execute, with the Real-Time Program Audit (RTPA) productivity tool.
•    Advanced RTPA topics to help you double your productivity and value
•    The Harkins method of programming
•    You are responsible for your own continuing professional development, with a suggested path to keep current, productive, and competitive.
•    What do you need to do your job more effectively? (attendee feedback)
•    How you can make your programming team members much more effective
•    Programmer dos and don'ts
•    Sarbannes-Oxley compliance legislation and it's effect on your company and your job
•    Programmer, or programmer team one-on-one sessions
•    Key steps in going from chaos to perfection
•    How to easily convert from RPGIII to RPGIV in your ship
•    The Start of a meaningful programming standards manual, and a reference library.
•    How to effectively communicate with and relate to your programming manager.
•    How to consider getting started with IBM WebSphere using IBM WebFacing or Host Access Transformation Services (HATS).

Onsite professional development seminar requirements include: Internet access, seminar meeting facility, and management coordination and support of the seminar.

Each seminar attendee will receive a copy of the book "How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer" by Paul Harkins.

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