No Java?!
Before playing the game:
Left click Options
(Restart, Validate, Hint, Legend, About)
The option "Hint" shows a correct Weigh 1
To play the Java Interactive Game:
Left click and drag one or more balls down to each of the panels

Left click on Weigh now
The Solutions (alternatives of the weigh) are displayed on the upper left

Left click your solution alternative (Equal, Left Lighter, Left Heavier)
The results of your solution are displayed inside each of the 12 balls

Left click Options, then left click Validate to see weigh messages
Repeat for Weigh 2 and Weigh 3

Optionally left click Clear to clear balls from the panels

Left click Options Restart to restart the game at Weigh 1

Left click on Red "X" in upper right corner of browser to exit game and return to previous page
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